A New and revolutionary Technology in Farming, Agriculture, and Produce Growth!

The “IT” Agriculture and Farming Method of the Future!


Agricultural products using advanced methods of farming, directly with a sound and clean Environmental purpose and goal, whiles creating abundance of healthy food and farm produce in the healthiest possible.


The land, soil, the air, the living organisms, our rivers and waters, the plants and animals, all play a role in the decision making which underlines the manufacture and production of the most environmental friendly soil enhancement, to date!


We have become a part of the global movement to create a healthy environment, food, water, soil, clean air for humans and animals…..join in, and make a contribution.  We can help lead you to the most advanced technology for the future!


Key to:

Increase Ag Crop Yields • Water Reclamation • Water Conservation • Evaporation Reduction

Wireless Moisture Monitoring • Water Desalination • Golf Course / Turf Enhancement Products

Sterile Soil Restoration and Reclamation • Catastrophic Environmental Contamination Cleanup



Farming Methods of the Future, join in, and do not be left behind!

Make Hunger a thing of the past, and let us feed the world!

Create a clean, safe, and healthy environment by using the right products.

No more chemicals and toxins in our foods and water!


Let the Experts lead the way!


*****A challenge for every Grower and Farmer as follows:


Try our Ag products on your most successful crops in your

best soils using your preferred nutrient (fertilizer) programs.  On average a single quart of our basic product per acre, regardless of crop, is usually sufficient to impress Growers with very obvious improvements in your crops. Your top quality crops will look even better (better color, more lush, more vibrant, less blemish), smell better, taste better, and have longer shelf life.

A documented experience of a Farmer:

One is a photo taken about 6 months ago in an almond orchard in Northern California.  The almond grower’s trees were 24 years old when he harvested last year’s crop of almonds.  The normal life of a producing almond tree is approximately 18 to 20 years.  The size of his almonds had been growing smaller each year and the XXXXXXX Cooperative (the largest almond processor and distributor of almonds in the US) told him they probably would not buy his next crop of almonds as they were too small for resale.


The almond grower had an arborist check his trees and he recommended the entire orchard be torn out and replanted with new almond stock. He said the trees were beyond help and were dying. The cost of replacing almond orchards is about $8K per acre and it takes 7-8 years for newly planted almond trees to begin producing.


As a last resort, the grower decided to try our products on his orchard.  We doubled the amount of product (XXXX) from 1 quart to 2 quarts per acre and applied it in his irrigation water one time only.  To the grower’s amazement, within one month of the application of our product, the soil around the trees began to grow healthy grasses, something he had not seen for the past 5 years.  In another month the leaves of his entire orchard began to take on a healthy, dark green color.  Neighboring almond growers stopped by and asked him what he had done to his orchard to get such dramatic results.


When he harvested this year’s crop of almonds, everyone was amazed (including the buyers from XXXXX) to see his almonds had doubled in size and their taste and texture were better than ever.  The XXXXX guy said they tasted like almonds from young, healthy trees.  The grower was ecstatic.  We had saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars and made him a hero among the nut growers in the area.

Our products would the same an ALL nut crops such as walnuts, pistachios, etc.


Produce crops such as fruits and vegetables demonstrate this agricultural phenomenon very quickly.  For example, (see photo below); a head of lettuce grow using the farmer’s normal nutritional program and placed under refrigeration will wilt, discolor, lose color, firmness and begin the rotting process within 10-14 days.  Next to it, a head of lettuce grown with the same nutritional amendments but adding our product will remain firm, with good color, texture and taste for 30+ days.

Tomatoes and strawberries taste like they used to taste.  The same for peaches and pears.

You better believe that such a small quantity of our product can make such an improvement in your top quality “signature” crops.


A standard Offer:

This US Company has the newest cutting-edge technology known as MCT (Micro Carbon Technology), based on a natural mineral called “Leonardite”, discovered in 1973 and unrivaled anywhere else in the world.  The methods and products based on this technology is definitely the “IT” of future farming, Agriculture, and produce growth.  MCT is a proprietary blend of extremely small organic-rich and oxygen-rich molecules that acts as a source of carbon and provide an ultra-efficient vehicle, to move nutrients and other molecules into the plant through the soil and/or the leafs.  There is much, much more!


The major advantage this technology has over its competitors are (amongst a lot of others:


1.   Allows Growers and Crop Managers achieve far more with less product –
      which means huge profits and margins.


2.   Very positive environmental impact, promoting the overall soil and plant health through efficient
      foliar nutrition and growth of roots, benefiting micro-organisms in the soil.

3.   Huge improvements in the soil’s fertility and the plant’s nutrient uptake.

4.   Very quick and dramatic positive results!  Make a trial test with a small amount of this US Company’s
      Ag products, on YOUR most successful crops/plants/flowers, and in your best soils, using your best-
      preferred nutrient fertilizer or others, and COMPARE THE RESULT WITH YOUR OWN ESTABLISHED
      SUCCESSES…an interesting challenge?


FREE product samples can be offered to potential Partners and Distributors,
plus, expert guidance, and to find solutions…..it will not cost, but rather benefit you.


INSTEAD OF A COMPETITOR, BE A WORKING PARTNER as this technology and products are here to stay,
and is definitely for the future!